Lock-up for Sweet Meadow Honey, a solo beekeeper's small business.

Type lock up and smiley designed at Werner Design Werks.

Various logo options for a Minnesota based distillery. Designed at Werner Design Werks.

Various logo options designed for an independent/freelance worker resource. Designed at Werner Design Werks.

Left: Best in Class seal designed for Cabot Cheese at Werner Design Werks. | Right: Logo for neighborhood minibike club.

Various callout bugs designed for Market Pantry at Target.

Left: Alternative option for personal identity. | Right: Former personal identity.

Logos designed for Sister Black Press, a local letterpress printer.

Left: Logo designed for Water Bar. | Right: Logotype for Traditional Mediums show.

Logos designed for HARP, a fictional harmonica company.

Left: A logo designed for Belong Together with Works Progress Studio. | Right: Logo designed for a yoga and fitness trainer.

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